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We specialise in the areas of Data Privacy and Information Security Consultation, related Awareness / Specialist Training, Risk Assessment & Management / Training, Anti-Money Laundering (FICA) and Fraud Prevention. We facilitate the "End-to-End" processes required to comply with the requirements of the Acts in an external "Supportive" or internal "Hands-On" manner, whichever method may be applicable or required.

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EZ Comply Compliance Consulting

We would like to provide our customers with an overview of the available compliance options, together with related service offers and further related information about EZ Comply. EZ Comply is based on a very simplistic business model with a flat operational structure that incorporates and facilitates other subject-matter expertise on an "As-and-When necessary"method from a large, established contact base in order to stay totally operationally independent and to minimise overhead costs to enable the most favourable service delivery rates to existing and new potential customers. We are well established in all of the various compliance processes regarding the POPIA/GDPR, PAIA, FICA and Prevention of Fraud and Corruption legislation, which all have inter alia, the security of Personal Information as a common factor. Public seminars and training workshops are also conducted independently, or in conjunction with accredited training event facilitators and can be offered in-house or online when required. 


Our Team

EZ Comply was created in 2009 by Manie Bezuidenhout as a Data Privacy and Information Security Consultant, Compliance Facilitator and SETA Accredited Assessor (Full Profile Available on LinkedIn).  EZ Comply was established as a result of the growing need for a wider spectrum compliance support forum for specifically Legal Practices, at the onset of the Protection of Personal Information legislation. that was initiated in South Africa, to conform to International Standards in this regard and also tender requirements of large Corporate Institutions for placement on Legal Panels.


Our Philosofy

We endorse the vision of delivering a one-stop, professional, affordable assistance and guidance support forum to the Senior Management of Responsible and Accountable parties under the related Acts in all other business sectors and which is based on sound and applicable practical knowledge and experience since 2009. We engage other subject-matter expertise into our work environment to ensure delivery of the most appropriate solutions to all the challenges and requirements in order to obtain an acceptable level of compliance to the various Acts.

EZ Comply Compliance Consulting and Training

A variety of services is offered, ranging from initial Management Consultation, Compliance Gap-Assessments, Personnel Training and Compliance Document Design to Practical Key Person (i.e Information Officer & Compliance Officer) Coaching, Disposal of Redundant Personal Information and 3rd Party Compliance Assessments.

We have been working with the technical understanding of the various pieces of legislation, its requirements, awareness / specialist training, management and mitigation of reasonably foreseeable risks, implementation of Policies and applicable Information Security Controls based on inter alia ISO 27001, 38500, 31000 Standards, etc. and the proper application & management of Information Technology platforms for a number of years now. Most of our activities are aligned towards enabling clients to bridge the divide between each of the crucial aspects of becoming acceptably compliant in the easiest, shortest, most convenient and most cost-effective timeframe possible.

If you are looking for a service provider with a wide range of capabilities and depth of insight into Data Privacy and Information Security Compliance against the relevant POPIA/GDPR, PAIA, FICA and Prevention of Fraud and Corruption Acts, Risk and Information Technology Management, Awareness Training and also how to deal with all these challenges in practical terms, we are confident that you will find our services both informative and very useful.

Why take the rocky road if you can walk on paving?

We are paving the way to easier compliance with POPIA/GDPR, PAIA, FICA, RISK MANAGEMENT & FRAUD PREVENTION

Contact us today and let us help you on your path to regulatory compliance and risk management.

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